The Shoebox Diorama

Entrant 2016

The Shoebox Diorama


The Shoebox Diorama is an ongoing series of interconnected fantastical dioramas for VR devices. Each diorama is a fantastical handpainted place to visit in which Interaction is used to enhance the sense of presence and tell a story, not to go from point A to B or save a princess.

The series consists of 'Blocked In', 'Der Grosse Gottlieb' and 'The Marchland'.

Blocked In was the first diorama released in October 2013 and has been updated ever since. In october of 2015 a new version was released. Blocked In offers a space in which the visitor can experience the end of the world by tetris blocks.

Der Grosse Gottlieb places the visitor on top of the tower of chairs of the greatest acrobat that ever lived: Der Grosse Gottlieb. Gottlieb built his tower of chairs to reach the stars and try to leave his his aching heart behind. The story of Der Grosse Gottlieb is told through subtle interactive elements in the scene.

The Marchland puts the visitor in a toll booth where the unseen passes by. Spectres of cars only visible by drops of rain drive pass through the toll barrier. In the periphery of his vision the spectator can spot and hear objects that vanish when he purposely looks at them.

The Diorama's have been nominated for multiple awards and were showcased around the world.