Shooty Seas

Entrant 2021

Boned Studios


Shooty Seas is a fantasy based. open world, pirate themed exploration and action game. Your plunderin is sure to attract the attention of the locals. Fight them off using such standard pirate weapons as cannons, harpoons, flying skulls, machine guns, long range missiles, hammers forged from collapsing stars, flamethrowers, homing missiles, flying attack dragons, and more. Defeat unique bosses, like giant mechanical crabs and giant mutant shark men, to find treasure chest. Collect items, equip your ship, buy new ships, better ships, faster ships, ghost ships that can possess enemy and force them to turn on their own. But too much mayhem will put a bounty on yer head and soon you'll face the Royal Navy, or the Reef Pirates, or worse, much... much worse.