Signs of the Sojourner

Entrant 2020

Echodog Games


Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative deck-building game about connecting and communicating with others. Unlike card-battlers, it challenges you to understand different perspectives and navigate social situations.

Your deck is your character, shaped by your experiences and relationships. Different decks will lead to different narrative paths as your cards impact your ability to communicate with various characters. Rather than building the most "powerful" deck, you will have to make decisions about who you want to be in this world and how you relate to others.

Set in a near-future earth-like world, you take over your mother's store after her death, traveling to diverse locations in order to acquire goods for the shop. This is a world where communities are more insulated, where travel is difficult, and where climate change has made life hard, but you'll still encounter optimistic stories, compassionate characters, and delightful surprises.