Skelewton's First Law

Entrant 2019

Youmaku Games


Skelewton's First Law is a 2D endless survival arcade game, as well as a multiplayer party game.
You play with Newton's skeleton, "Skelewton" (Half skeleton half Newton) in a bizarre afterlife.
Control the gravity to avoid obstacles and traps with Skelewton's gravity manipulation powers, and try to collect as many apples as you can without dying in the endless survival mode!
Use different power-ups to help you in the game, like the ghost apple that makes Skelewton intangible, or the alarm apple that stops the time!
Purchase and collect costumes for Skelewton using the apples you collect in the game!
Mix an match different costume pieces to create bizarre new costumes!
Play the local multiplayer mode "Football Gravity Tag" with up to four players!
Touch the ball to tag it, then it will have the same gravity as you!
Score as many goals as you can before the time runs out!