Entrant 2019

Eric Merz, Eli Rainsberry


In Skuiggle, you chase after blinking boxes, which explode when you touch them. However it's not really about collecting boxes. The boxes serve only as a way for you to get moving, because when you move, you leave a trail of colours behind you.

After collecting a few boxes, the screen gets cleared and you start again. What you leave behind though is a picture that is completely unique and is solely based upon what you have done while chasing those boxes. You can decide to save these pictures, once your session is over, or you can delete them forever.
You can also play Skuiggle with a friend, either by sharing one controller, or by each of you having their own, because creating art is more fun, when you do it with a friend.

Skuiggle is about creation. It's about messing up along the way and embracing your mistakes.