Entrant 2015

ClutchPlay Games LLC


You know the old saying, "you can't take it with you?" Well, I've got news for you, my friends, they were WRONG! "Deadbeats" have been taking their riches with them to the afterlife for centuries and it's the job of the INFERNAL Revenue Service — and its army of skulls — to collect! That's where you come in.

In Skullduggery! you'll play a Semi-Organic Autonomous Skull, working as an agent for the Infernal Revenue Service. Your job is to collect unpaid taxes from the 'deadbeats' of the afterlife by any means necessary. Using the elasticity of your own brain, twang yourself around the fortresses of the afterlife's biggest deadbeats. Slow time to avoid deadly obstacles and pull off crazy trick shots to collect riches. Discover hidden caches and slip past surly guards. Play 'head to head' against your friends to become the afterlife's most successful agent. Fill out paperwork and reflect on the inherent emptiness of existence!