Entrant 2021

Angry Goat Games


Snavi is a puzzle game with heart! Control gravity to navigate Snavi the Snail through over 100 hand-crafted levels spread across 7 beautifully colored worlds. Avoid the spikes that will poke you, lookout for blocks that will crush you, navigate around the lasers and flamethrowers that will burn you, enter portals that will teleport you, and many more surprises!

Each level's objective is simple: reach the goal. To get there, roll Snavi left or right, or rotate the entire level to shift gravity. There are 7 worlds total, such as the lush Forest, the mysterious Sea, even a hellish Inferno. Each world introduces new mechanisms and deadly traps. Just when you think you've mastered the game, something new will be thrown at you.

Each level can be beaten for bronze. Get all 3 stars for silver. Get all 3 stars AND the number of moves is less than or equal to the "gold" moves, get gold! As the game progresses, it will be extremely hard to get silver and gold, but it is possible for every level!

There is no penalty for dying, just keep trying and do your best!