Someday You'll Return

Entrant 2021

CBE software


How far would you go if your daughter never came back home? Someday You'll Return is a first-person 3D story-driven psychological horror game about a desperate search for a missing daughter deep in the woods where Daniel, the main protagonist, swore he'd never return to.

From the get-go, you'll find out that Daniel is far from being a good person and as you lead him through his personal hell, he's being judged by both various NPCs and the land itself. The narrative structure swaps the idea of a hero saving the daughter for something darker and unusual. You've met people like Daniel in your life and there is a small part of Daniel in each of us. The game draws a lot of influence from C. G. Jung Psychology concepts.

Someday You'll Return takes place in the beautiful scenic areas of the Czech Republic. There are well-known landmarks placed within the world, which you can discover and visit even in the real world as well as many folk tales or folk songs from the region. You will encounter QR codes which (when scanning with your phone) leads you to a map showing the actual real-world location.

Someday You'll Return is not only about walking around, though.

Unique Crafting system - Use your head and think when crafting some of the useful tools as an evolution of traditional adventure game mechanics. Here you will be actually building the items.

Herbalism and alchemy system - Find rare herbs and brew your own potions through a follow-the-recipe minigame.

Exploration - Explore lush forests, deep caverns, and old castles to find your daughter's lost journal pages, folk songs, and rare collectibles. With climbing and swimming, no secrets of the ancient forest are safe from you

Karmic system - Reach one of five different endings based on your actions throughout the game. The first ending you can reach ten minutes after the game starts, the other endings take 12 - 16 hours to reach.

Journal - Decypher your daughter's journal and uncover the whole truth about her and yourself.

Real-life locations - Discover existing places recreated in the stunning graphics of the Unreal Engine 4 and
scan QR codes to find their actual locations on a tourist map