Star Cat Adventure

Entrant 2018


Crashed and lost in space, Star Cat wishes to see his family again and return home. At the cusp of giving up, a glimmer of hope appears and a light descends to help.

Follow the Star as it leads you through a fantastic adventure unlike any other!

Star Cat Adventure is a game that effortlessly brings gameplay from its roots in gaming history to a palatable rendition for the modern mobile gamer – especially incorporating one-touch controls.

An adventure where you don't quite know what's around the corner with a plethora of surprises and deliciously weird and wonderful galaxies. The game puts gamers firmly in the fun seat for a ride full of action packed moments, mind boggling puzzles, unique and compelling characters. You get to experience scenarios of rescuing alien bears, dodging water dragons, jumping around a disco dude and running away from angry chocolate moose; These are just some of the unique experiences within the Star Cat Universe, which are themed across 7 galaxies with Fruits, Moons, 80's iconography, Candy, Sea life, Crystals and Fire Worlds.

Each world gives games gamers a unique powerup exactly when they need it. There are Shooting Stars, Moon Rocks, Rockets, Marshmallows, Water Bubbles, Balloon Planets and Ice Cubes.

Last but not least, featuring an irresistibly original soundtrack by 3 indie musicians over 6 years.