Student Entrant 2019

Duke University


Wanting to find their missing friend, Blue and Orange went on a journey filled with jumping, switching, portals and bouncy mushrooms.

Shared-screen two player encouraged. Single player also welcome.

Blue and Orange each has a unique ability, but they can both teleport to each other and Suitchi positions. Use these abilities to solve 26 carefully designed puzzles that gradually become more challenging as you figure out the endless combinations and possibilities behind Suitchi's deceivingly simple mechanics.

If you are playing with a friend, communication and collaboration are key to success. You will find yourselves constantly talking to each other and doing "one, two ,three" when executing plans that may require careful timing. Besides solving puzzles together, you might also find pushing each other off cliffs a fun activity.

- Shared-screen collaborative puzzle solving (single player also welcome)
- Simple mechanics with endless possibilities
- Asian themed art and music
- Rewind time if you make mistakes. No need to restart (although you still can)