Super Cane Magic ZERO

Entrant 2018

Studio Evil


Super Cane Magic ZERO is a local co-op action RPG with quirky humor based on the characters created by the Italian cartoonist Sio. Embark in a legendary quest to save the magic dog AAAH! and restore the natural disorder of the world. Explore with your friends the crazy places of the planetoid WOTF, destroy monsters, upgrade your team with tons of ridiculous items and eat all the things. Literally, eat every item you find. Just... not the bombs. Don't eat the bombs.

Super Cane Magic ZERO features a small army of wacky characters. Some will join your team, some will sell you things, and others will tell you ridiculous stories. In WOTF even kids know that even the smallest tale can give you incredible new powers, like eating rocks or walking on lava! Super Cane Magic ZERO is currently in Early Access on Steam. The current version features an arcade-challenge mode with procedural levels and local pvp arenas, with a full fledged story mode coming soon.