Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown

Student Entrant 2021

University of Utah
Sandalled Socks LLC


Welcome to Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown. STUDS is a 3D couch co-op (up to 4 player split-screen) party game where players compete in a series of Dadly events to be crowned the Ultimate Dad. This game is current in development by a team of 11 students from the University of Utah EAE department.

NOTE: The game is currently in the Alpha stage of development. It is still a work in progress, with a targeted release date of April 2021. Visit us on social media @dad_showdown to report any bugs you encounter.


Kieran Borland, Hannah Feder, Scott Foden, Chris Huckabee, Marcelo Mascarenas, Scott Mattes, Addison Shuppy, Kylie Sussman, Steven Su, Biraj Varsani, and Alexander Whitty

Music and Sound Effects

Ben Lipkin |

Aya Yuasa |

Dante Gofar |