Swingy Sword

Student Entrant 2019

Baxter Academy for Technology and Science
Thulium Games


Swingy Sword is a casual 3D fighting game where you fight to the death against up to 4 people in 6 game modes. The main goal of Swingy Sword is to make the controls as challenging as possible while still being exciting to play.
Example: You use the 2 joysticks to move the legs individually and to swing your sword you press and hold one of the bumpers and press the D-Pad in the direction you want to swing.

The Game has 16 achievements, challenges, and easter eggs to find. All but one unlocks a hat to put on your character. Swingy Sword has a total of 30 hats (15 hats that are found in chests throughout the game, and 15 are achievement hats). The achievement that doesn't unlock a hat is a 6 part quest that unlocks a 7th game mode.