Tibby - The Treeppets Hunter

Entrant 2016

Antonio Argento


A cute, interesting and challenging platformer. A game for kids and adults. Will you manage to save the little treeppets?
The ship that is transporting treeppets eggs from the Nursery to Treep planet falls on Earth and little treeppets escape. You are hired to catch them all and bring them back to the ship so that they can return back home.
Help Tibby to find and catch them all in three different locations for a total of 45 missions!

No in game purchase!

Good Luck!


- Swipe in all directions to run, jump and climb ladders

- Tap on the screen to stop.

- Tap on gadgets symbols to use them


- Chase the little creatures and when you are close enough they will be sucked in the hoover.

- Avoid monsters and alien plants

- Collect magic diamonds and catch treeppets to collect coins.

- Use the coins to get gadgets and weapons from the shop - IMPORTANT!!!