TILTOFF - A Game of Balance

Student Entrant 2018

University of Southern California (USC)
Timothi Ellim


TILTOFF is based on the spiritual belief of balance and flow of movement inspired by Tai Chi.

Though the game seems like a simple arcade game on the surface, it is this simple mechanic that allows the player to easily dive deep into the core of the experience - one that seeks to improve the spiritual balance of the player.

Leveraging Ian Bogost's Theory of Procedural Rhetoric, which theories that a player can learn through experience and repetition of a procedure in a game, I have crafted the game in a way that will teach you, through repetition, that true balance does not come from staying still but from continuously moving to offset the imbalance.

Review Quotes
"Really fun game! I achieved spiritual enlightenment. No seriously, it runs well, tight controls, addictive gameplay, and real cheap. Great way to burn an hour or two." - itch.io playtester

Learn more - https://itch.io/t/76857/tiltoff-philosophy-how-to-play-and-how-to-succee...