A Tofu Tail

Entrant 2015



A Tofu Tail is a fairy tale of a Mr. Tofu, a man-turned-tofu by a deceptive kitsune, racing through the vivid, puzzle-filled maze realms of the foxes in search of a way to break his curse. It has a whimsical story heavily influenced by Japanese folklore, has been crafted with a unique and completely hand-drawn art style and an imaginative and emotional chiptune/rock-mix soundtrack to support the narrative. A Tofu Tail is an aesthetically and story-driven puzzle game features addictively simple color-maze-based gameplay with additional challenges and narrative in each new realm. The story mode establishes the core color-change mechanic and introduces additional themed mechanics along the way, eventually leading to synergistic puzzles designed to build on what was learned up to that point. Freeplay is an extension of the core color-change mechanic, providing procedurally-generated levels for added replayability.