Tower of Time

Entrant 2018

Event Horizon


Tower of Time is new take on classic RPG - trying to bring something fresh to this genre. It has a rich story and a novel real-time combat - a blend of RPG and RTS - on higher difficulties meant to be challenging. Maintain a complete control over the battlefield or be crushed. Your choices truly matter here.


* Engaging story – set in a world where technology met magic with devastating consequences. Hundreds of lore books and scattered pieces of information slowly reveal the history of Artara as the protagonist approaches his fate.

* Novel combat system – unique real-time action with a slow-time feature, where each match is played on one of many separate tactical maps. Plan ahead and position your party accordingly. Use slow-time to react to new threats or negate enemy skills. No two encounters are ever the same.

* Five difficulty levels: You can choose whether you want only to enjoy the story or test your tactical thinking and skills.

* Build your party around typical tank/dps/support composition or try something entirely new.

* Different combat scenarios - e.g. Swarm or Only Elite - will ensure that combat is not repetitive.

* Find secret locations, cleverly hidden in the environment. Travel through hand-crafted levels where every single place is carefully designed.

* Seven classes to choose from, and your party can be adjusted at will and anytime, depending on the challenges you face. Each champion has unique skills that can be upgraded and re-trained at will. (In Early Access six champions are available, as the seventh joins your party at lower levels).

* New character progression system: there is no experience to gain. Instead, discover ancient knowledge to unlock new skills and carefully design your characters. Each character could be turned into a powerful and durable attacker or a skill-based champion.
* Defeat powerful elite enemies (bosses) wielding diverse skills and spells. Assess their strengths and weaknesses carefully to succeed.

* Complete combat challenges for item rewards and unique enchanting recipes, or just to test your new party setup.

* Random loot system. Craft item of your choice and power, using crafting crystals of various types. Discover ancient enchanting recipes that can change the nature of the combat, granting regeneration aura or immunity to special effects.

* Upgrade your city as the main training/equipment hub and repository of all the lore you find.