The Town of Light

Entrant 2016



The Town of Light is a first-person psychological thriller adventure set in a former psychiatric hospital based on real events and places. The game has been Greenlit by the Steam community in few weeks and has been awarded in "Story and Storytelling" at the Game Connection in Paris.

The game aims to explore what's really happened inside those wall in the fictional eyes of Renée's, an imaginary 16 years old girl that suffers from mental illness. The adventure starts at present days, near the Asylum. Renèe's voice will guides the player, which will try to find her forgotten and blurred memories through her eyes, her fears and her personal drama whilst exploring an environment full of realistic documents and locations as they were back in time as well as they are today. The Town of Light is a game that want to keep memories of what's happened alive, focusing on mental illness issues that exists in our society. The Town of Light has been developed with Unity game engine for PC andwill be release in Q1 2016.