In Tune

Student Entrant 2015

Concordia University
Tweed Couch Games


In Tune is a game that deals with bodies, their interactions, and giving/withholding consent. Players are asked to negotiate and communicate their own physical boundaries with a partner using skin-to-skin contact as the main controller of the game.

There are three main phases of play after the initial introduction:
*First, players are shown an image with highlighted areas or poses in which skin to skin contact should occur.
*Then players discuss with their partners how/if they feel comfortable completing the interaction presented to them on screen and either do so or 'pass'.
*Finally, a prompt appears on screen to get the players to discuss the interaction they just had and/or their relationship with the other player.
Players can repeat these steps as many times as they want to or feel comfortable. The game is over when one or both players decide it is.
It was important to us that the physicality of the game never felt unsafe to players. We took great care to create a gentle, warm aesthetic through the calming music and distinctly hand sketched art assets. We were certain to assure players both through the spoken introduction and through the mechanics of the game that nothing was expected of them, that the only "failure" of the game was to proceed without the consent of your partner and that quitting at any time if you felt unsafe was not only an option, but encouraged.

In Tune's goal is to develop players' skills to navigate consent and physical interactions while hopefully provoking thought about how daily interactions with people and the space around them also involves similarly complicated negotiations. It is also looking to have players examine their own comfort levels and see how thoughtful communication has the potential to shift those levels.