Of Two Minds

Entrant 2021

Burgeon & Flourish, LLC


1989, New York City. Annie, a 40-year-old psychoanalyst in a failing marriage, embarks on an affair with fellow psychoanalyst Rex. Through their rocky relationship, Annie is pushed to the brink and finally remembers—and reconciles—her own childhood trauma, which has driven her into a cycle of abusive relationships. Their affair touches the lives of their spouses, their psychoanalysts, and even new lovers, all of whom have stories for the player to uncover, ultimately revealing a story spanning the Moscow Marathon, an elaborate rescue mission, a drowning in the English countryside, and an escape from an insane asylum.

The player uncovers these stories by searching through a notebook. With each scene, the player collects new themes, concepts, and psychoanalytic terms (like "transference" and "fate neurosis" or "dog") by grabbing the words that float across the screen at relevant moments. The player selects two of these terms and uses them to search for new scenes.