Unfinished - An Artist's Lament

Student Entrant 2016

University of Windsor
Dust Scratch Games


A hand-sketched 3D adventure game. Control Sketch, unfinished and wishing to know who it was supposed to be. The only clue is to follow a pencil that continues to draw in the distance, followed by an artist's voice as he struggles to complete his work. To reach new areas, the doodle will find left-over sketches to use for new abilities throughout the journey.

Collect abandoned sketches of other ideas as new swappable abilities, letting Sketch jump, run, fly, and more to progress through the environment. Featuring traditional 2D animation in a 3D environment filled with crumpled paper and unfinished drawings from the developer and 25 other artists. A short story of the art and his artist told in parallel, of themes of acceptance and self-discovery.