Vaporum: Lockdown

Entrant 2021

Fatbot Games


Vaporum: Lockdown by Fatbot Games is a grid-based single-player dungeon crawler in an original steampunk setting, inspired by classics such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder.

In Lockdown, you follow Ellie Teller, a successful scientist who is a part of a mysterious research project in the middle of an ocean. After disastrous events, she struggles to survive and escape the tower of Arx Vaporum.

The game has many features to make it more accessible to people with various disabilities so they can enjoy it like everybody else (on-screen directional keypad, Stop Time Mode, and various other helpful settings).

Solve many kinds of puzzles and hazards, which will test both your wits and reflexes. Piece together a solution to the main obstacle, where individual pieces are spread across many levels. Learn about the world and its inhabitants through voiced dialogs, phonodiaries, and written notes.