Violet - pale noise

Student Entrant 2016

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)
Melanie Vetterli


"Violet - pale noise" is a point'n' click adventure entirely handmade with the stop motion technique.

A pale and silent noise is in the streets. It's that scratchy sound you hear, when an ominous curse befalls a town. Only a mysterious girl with her violin seems to know how to expel the undesired guest. But first, she has to find it!

The player must find the origin of the curse that has befallen the town, and find a cure. He has to talk to the locals and solve different puzzles to get more information about the curse.
Violet is controlled exclusively with the right mouse button. The player interacts with the game world, with people and with objects to progress. Violet's violin case serves as inventory. Collecting and using objects and playing music are the key to solve the mistery.