Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz

Entrant 2016

Silverstring Media Inc.


As the stars fail and death stalks the worlds,
who will survive the ravages of dust?
Ever dying, never dead.

Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz is a game-like take on typical viral social personality quizzes -- the type seen on Facebook or Buzzfeed. Through making selections in a state-of-the-art quiz interface, you are told Which Dusty Dead Character You Are as the quiz itself glitches and decays around you, just like the fragile structures that support your contemporary lifestyle.

Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz is "panel one" of Book of the Dead, a three-part "digital triptych" examining how we consume media and how it consumes us; exploring our relationship with social media, entertainment, and the people who create that content; a queer tale of coming-of-age-on-the-internet.