Entrant 2016


Recruit your friends and become the world's best squadron in WarFriends, a unique 3D tactical action game from the makers of Mega Dead Pixel.

Dodge bullets, dive between cover and take out the invading enemy forces by any means necessary!

WAR GOES SOCIAL – Create a squad and enlist your friends to fight alongside you. Battle in ranked online deathmatches and lead your squad to the top of the leaderboards

RAISE AN ARMY – Build an army of shotgunners, drones, and even jet pack troopers and deploy them strategically in the heat of battle

INTRODUCING WARCARDS – Build a deck of Warcards with game-changing perks. Deploy them in battle to slow your enemy, boost your weapons, inflate heads and much more!

INCREDIBLE FIREPOWER – Unlock a full arsenal of weapons ranging from pistols to anti-tank weapons. Target your enemy and their troops with intuitive touch controls

EMBARK ON THE WARPATH – play through a challenging single-player campaign alone or in local and online co-op

What's a little war between friends?