Waste in Space

Entrant 2016

Moony Baboon


In year 2026 the issue of space debris has degenerated to a problematic level, therefore a team of selected scavengers is assembled and sent into space to solve it.
Your job is to help this crazy team to destroy the orbiting pollution, make the space a cleaner place and possibly survive in the process.

Waste in Space is a physics based endless arcade shooter in which you control a space sweeper with a Gravity Hat (tm), orbiting around planet earth.
Your target is to score as much points as possible, performing insane acrobatics and scoring awesome combos while collecting coins that will win you prizes, like other characters and Gravity Hats with different features.
It's a one touch game that uses three basic actions: hold, tap and swipe.
When you hold your finger on the screen an harpoon is shot to the nearest space rock and this gives you the ability to swing between rocks to collect coins.
While doing that you have to tap to destroy the space pollution and quickly attach to another rock to prevent yourself from getting lost in space.
If you score a combo without getting smashed in a rock or something you can enter the boost mode that will let you dive into space destroying every piece of trash you encounter just by touching it.