Wild Honesty: A party game for deeper conversations

Entrant 2021

That's Not A Game LLC


A party game for 2-5 players designed to facilitate discussions sharing of opinions, thoughts, and feelings, Wild Honesty encourages you in a welcoming environment to push the boundaries of your friendship to a deeper, more honest level. Explore new dimensions of relationships around you, new and old, while having thoughtful and vulnerable conversations about a wide range of topics.

In between the heartfelt conversations you'll jump into a playful sound guessing game to keep the moods lighthearted between friends. With over 400 questions there's plenty of topics to keep the conversations fresh and challenging. Personalize your play session to your relationship comfort level, how deep you want to go, and the amount of time you have.

Aspiring to fight loneliness and bring friends around the world together through shared connection and conversations, Wild Honesty encourages you to go deep and break down emotional barriers in a mindful and fulfilling gameplay experience. Be seen for who you are and deepen your friendships along the way.