World of Pong

Student Entrant 2016

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Carbon Copy Studios


Face off with users across the globe in an epic new arcade game that takes the retro game of pong to the next level. Play endlessly in the outrageously addicting Frenzy and Zen Modes. Connect to players across the Internet or Bluetooth and take them head on up to 5 at a time! Customize your paddle and move up the ranks as you impress your friends with your incredible speed and agility. Take a stand and find your place in the World of Pong today!

* Frenzy Single Player mode: there's more than one way to play Pong!
* Anonymous accounts: skip the hassle and convert your account later!
* Fight against players from across the globe through our reactive Matchmaking Multiplayer servers!
* Play privately on the same Network!
* Now has Bluetooth capability with devices that support it!
* Unlock >30 paddles as you are promoted!

Thanks for playing!