Worldwide Arts Society

Student Entrant 2021

Antoine Ramo


Worldwide Arts Society is an incremental deck-building game: choose which artists to enroll, which currents to follow, which art forms to develop, and your arts society might soar ! The adventure begins in 1799 with founding figures such as Francisco Goya or Germaine de Staël, and hits the 21st century with Beyoncé and Bong Joon-Ho. Each artist has several different effects on the society's influence, so it's all about building a viable and diverse collective with a solid synergy ! Worldwide Arts Society is a solo project by Antoine Ramo, a French game design student of Brazilian origin with a background in ceramics, literature studies and video.

Mechanically, it is an elaborate idle game. But we're not stacking paperclips here: we're gathering a team of our most beloved heroes ! So we not only take into account their practical characteristics, but also our emotional or aesthetic attachment to them. It's an equivalent of baseball cards, but with Frida Kahlo instead of Babe Ruth. An imaginary world populated with familiar figures, which we can freely associate. There is a total of 1000 artists from 120 different countries in Worldwide Arts Society, with a focus on overlooked or marginalized creators. The game emulates in a fanciful manner a system that is usually too complex to be grasped all at once: how do artists influence one another, and how do factors such as geography, ideas, genres and oppression impact this exchange ? In-game, all of these things matter, and the reach of a given artist always depends on every single one of the others.