Student Entrant 2016

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Petr Marek


I believe that mathematics is beautiful and fun. Mathematics isn't the monster, which all of us remember from school. Mathematics can be beautiful, when you can play with it. Mathematics can be fun, when you get instant response. Math is amazing, when you get familiar with it and stop fearing it. I want to show it to everybody through a game. This is the reason, why I created Zeroes.

Zeroes is puzzle game about mathematics for smartphones and tablets with Android. Your goal is to create zero in each circle. How do you do it? You get blocks with mathematical operations. You calculate new numbers in dots by placing these blocks between them. There are many blocks it the game with different shapes, sizes and mathematical operations like adding, multiplying, square root or modulo. You have to use them all to beat all 100 puzzles. However you have to use your intelligence mainly.