Zombie Teacher

Entrant 2018

Edgy Games


Zombie Teacher is an all new, fully co-operative, tough as nails arcade platformer! It's being developed by a lone developer who happens to be a full time science teacher working in London (the game is my life story you see). Trapped in Video Game Hell after a deal with the Video Game Devil backfires, it's down to you to collect 101 vintage arcade machines that will lead to your freedom!

Throughout your journey you'll experience 9 distinctive worlds, each featuring unique hand-drawn artwork ranging from 8-bit style sprites to a 2.5D experience like no other. You'll be reminded of many 16-bit gems along the way and will experience challenges and set-pieces that will trigger great amounts of joy and nostalgia. Zombie Teacher is my love letter to gaming. I hope the journey brings a smile to your face and leaves you feeling like a true Video Game Champion. (You'll have to be one to get through this journey!)