Entrant 2017

David OReilly


Everything is a game about nature in which everything you see is a thing you can be - from atoms, to plants and animals, to galaxies. Within this universe the player's goal is to find Heaven, and on their way they will experience the same reality through infinite points of view.

The game contains thousands of things that perceive, think and interact differently with each other. Exploration itself is designed to reward as the player as they visit more and more worlds, unlocking new things and abilities and collecting thoughts. Everything features a unique persistent universe which is constantly simulating. Levels are effectively created and designed by player input, and each part of the world allows enormous freedom to create pictures, scenes and experiences using 'things' rather than pixels or polygons.

The game features an original 3 hour score from composer Ben Lukas Boysen, and is a follow up to David OReilly's 2014 game Mountain.