Legend Of Abhimanyu (LOA)

Entrant 2017

ACY Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


The Legend of Abhimanyu - LoA is the first ever true 3D mobile Action Adventure game inspired by the Indian epic "The Mahabharata".
This uniquely designed mobile game with enriched art and thrilling game play brings the unmatched console gaming experience on mobile platform. The story is based upon the 13th day of the epic war of Mahabharata when a sixteen-year young boy fights alone against the greatest warriors of that era and successfully breaks in one of the greatest ever military formation, the "Chakravyuha". "Chakra" means "Spinning wheel" and "vyuha" means "formation".
LoA is a premium game and the key focus is to create a intensive long lasting experience and let the gamer feel the impact of the greatest war of all times the "Mahabharata". LoA has used Indian contemporary art and transformed the story to a game for gamers across globe, clubbed with hack n slash, archery on chariot gameplay, many 3D puzzles and unique boss fights. LoA features a stunning original soundtrack that will take gamer to the era of the epic battle.
LoA also thrives on creating awareness about the epic through cinematic for any age or gender.
The power of main antagonist Guru Drona, Aswathama, Karna, Dussasana, and Duryodhana is been inspired by five main elements : Earth, Water, Lightning, Fire and Air. To support the powerful antagonists, we created 5 different class of warriors namely Archer, Sword Soldier, Spear Soldier, Sword General and Mace Soldier. With the use of these elements and warriors, the composition of the game is being divided into 11 different levels with a variety of different puzzles and mazes to bring forth our rendition of Chakravyuha