Aaru's Awakening

Entrant 2015

Lumenox ehf


Aaru's Awakening is a 2d action platformer taking place in the world of Lumenox. The world of Lumenox is controlled by the four deities "Dawn", "Day", "Dusk" and "Night" that rule the world together in peace. The world is held together with transitions: Night covers the world with darkness and then Dawn returns light back into the world. Day then releases his grip to pass control to Dusk.
The game begins with Dawn sending Aaru on a quest to Nights domain to stop his plan of ruining the balance. To get to Night's domain, Aaru must travel through the Day and Dusk domains before reaching Night. By going out of his own environment and to other domains Aaru is taking a great risk of disturbing the balance of Lumenox. In each domain Aaru is faced with challenges which the player must complete.
The character Aaru can do basic movement such as run and jump but he also has two special abilities. For one he has a powerful "charge" which enables him to charge in any direction no matter what. I.e. if Aaru is falling he can "charge" to stop the fall and by that save himself. He can also break specific walls by charging into them. The second ability is teleporting. Aaru can shoot an orb anywhere he wants and afterwards the player can teleport Aaru to the orbs location.
With these two abilities the player needs to control Aaru and complete the levels within the domains.