Entrant 2016

Paloma Dawkins, Cale Bradbury


Alea is a beautiful rythym game that is addictive and hypnotic. The goal of the game is for the player to maintain accuracy of the repeating sequence of notes, while taking in the action of the surrounding environment. Neither is crucial for a victory however; we are all winners in the grand miracle that is life.

Alea was inspired by hiking in Muir woods park in San Fransisco and the Canadian Pacific Northwest.
Made almost entirely out of 2D sprites, Paloma Dawkins (Palgal) uses camera movement to animate sequencial growth and change of plants in different environmental climates. Cale Bradbury (netgrind) does shader/programming magic on the sprites to give them a life beyond their initial stillness. Caila Thompson (Mozart Sister) brings the forest into sound with a tight rythym and beautiful notes.

Eh Canadian collaboration initially made for Fantastic Fest 2015 with an alternative controller made of moss. We are building other types of plant based controllers for future events.