Alea's Island

Entrant 2018

Jon Tiburzi & Terrane


Meet Alea, a little musician exploring an ocean of sound. On her adventures, Alea carries a guitar that can be played in many different ways. Through this, she can interact, improvise and duet with objects and creatures in the world. Everything responds in key, forming a musical conversation.

The game's soundtrack is procedural. It aims to give every island a special musical character by controlling tonality, key, modal movement and sound intensity. An automated music engine mutates the soundtrack over time, creating unique and evolving soundscapes. It creates its own melodies and chord changes, as well as adds algorithmic and prewritten rhythms. Using her guitar, Alea can also contribute and change the music.

Alea's Island began development during an artist residency program in 2016, and is an international collaborative project between game designer Jon Tiburzi and electronic musician Terrane. We hope that it sparks interest in exploring, creating and communicating through music and sound.