Alien Jelly

Entrant 2013

Roger Miller


Alien Jelly is a 2X Microsoft Dream Build Play finalist and has earned a honorable mention for production quality in 2011. It is now live on XBox Live Indi Games. Alien Jelly is a 3D puzzle game. 3D in all senses of the word. Not only does it sport beautiful 3D HD graphics with loads of custom shaders, the puzzle metrics are all three dimensional. Rotate the world to get your stranded Alien Jellies to the rescue ship so they can get back to lunch. Push crates, rotate the world, evade and destroy robots, dodge huge spiky things and generally figure out how to get home. Once you are done playing the bring twisting 40 levels, you can try your hand at making them too! Try the easy to use Alien Jelly Build-O-Matic™ to make any level you have seen in the game in more. All 40 levels for the game were made and polished in the Build-O-Matic™. Once you think you have a cracker of a level, share it with your XBox Live Arcade friends and see if they can decipher your mind bender. Got some friends over? Well sit them on the couch and try to work together to solve any level with more than one Alien Jelly in it.