Amazing Frog?

Entrant 2014


Amazing Frog? is about having fun in a ragdoll physics sandbox environment. Do not set out looking for a point to the game we haven't found one yet :0) but we can't stop ourselves adding new features.
There has been lots of videos made on youTube of hours of people playing it, really worth checking out.

We released the first version in March 2013 to the developer release of OUYA, AF and OUYA have come a long way since then. We are about to release v1.3 [ Oct2013 ] which will be a huge step forward with fighting vs mode and zombies. We are taking on feedback as we go, as Amazing Frog? gathers a following. We always intended for the game to grow as we released updates with significant enhancements and are already working on the December release of v1.4.
Fayju is a two man team - Gaz Bushell and Hal Jackson. And we freakin love making games.