Student Entrant 2014

University of Southern California
Alexa Kim & Scott Stephan


Anamnesis is a first-person exploration game set in near-future L.A. The city is recovering from a deadly virus that had half of the city quarantined. You are a government relocation agent visiting a temporary shelter complex in order to find out why some of the tenants have lost contact.

In this game, the Oculus Rift serves as a secondary display port, alongside the computer monitor. The monitor displays the first-person view of the character, but players may bring up the Oculus Rift to their eyes at any time in the game to inspect objects. In the narrative of the game, these goggles are specially designed goggles that read "psychological imprints" left by people that were previously there.

Anamnesis uses this technique to explore multiple narrative perspectives, environmental storytelling and the utilization of role-play and ritual in the gameplay process.