Asunder: Earthbound

Entrant 2014

Aldin Dynamics


Asunder: Earthbound is a short and dark cinematic adventure game set in a fictional 1930's universe aboard a passenger airplane. Strange things occur as the story unfolds which require the player to act quickly if he wants to survive.

The player needs to discover his place in the world, picking up clues in the environment and figuring out the best course of action based on his observations and in-game events. The game will be publicly released soon for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset as well as for regular desktop monitors.

The game introduces new mechanics for next generation virtual reality games, enabling players to communicate with in-game characters using natural head-gestures; such as nodding and shaking their heads. By combining players' direction of gaze with procedural animations, the player can additionally control his virtual body to perform actions. Compared to mouse-controlled aiming and interaction, the gaze-control allows players to perform actions more intuitively in virtual reality games.