Atomic Space Command

Entrant 2017

No, You Shut Up! Inc.


Atomic Space Command is everything you've ever wanted in a spaceship-building, co-op battle arena game. Go solo or team up with friends as you build the ultimate spaceship to conquer the galaxy. Prepare to manage your crew and ship systems as you soar through a massive space arena, conquer planets, and expand your fleet. Do you have what it takes to be crowned Atomic Overlord?

- Explore a solar system arena with up to 8 player-controlled ships on your team.
- Compete in local and online co-op multiplayer gameplay.
- Devise spaceborne strategies with ship crew management and simulation features.
- Challenge other players in the PvP arena or fly solo in PvE.
- Customize your ship with dozens of parts, a unique crew, and a variety of powerful Atomic Commanders.
- Share command of a ship and its systems with a friend -- or brave the dangers of space alone.
- Build bases on planets to expand and resupply your fleet.
- Decorate your ship with tons of vanity items -- including trails, ship decals, snap-on decorations, and crew skins.