Entrant 2015



From indie game developer JABB INTERACTIVE, comes the new addictive iOS game, BasketWars, launching late 2014. BasketWars is an action-packed basketball game based on the famous battles of World War II. Use your soldier to launch the balls up in the air and into the basket. These are no ordinary balls though, these balls have some serious firepower. Each amazingly designed WWII influenced ball has a unique weapon to help you defeat the enemy and make the perfect shot. This isn't as easy as it sounds. You will be armed with a few balls to make one amazing shot that will destroy all the enemy forces. You will have to time your shots perfectly as an onslaught of grenades, missiles, and bullets are hurled towards you with bad intent. Once you have managed to conquer the progressively difficult battles, you will then meet the Bosses. Armed with guns, grenades, and missiles, getting past each boss will be nearly impossible. With over 60 masterfully designed levels, and 6 insane Bosses, and nastalgic bonus levels, BasketWars is a true test of strength and skill. Play alone or challenge your friends to a battle of epic proportion. Do you have what it takes to win the war? Hoo-rah!