Student Entrant 2022

Ibaraki University, Japan
Azura Brothers Studio


BattleCross is a fusion of CCG deck building, fast paced card battles, interesting story driven indie RPG, with a straightforward UI.

Indulge in a Badminton themed world, as the player follows along the Main Character's epic journey to fulfil his promise with his father to win the State Championship, as he slowly discovers the truth behind the horrible incident that took away his father's life 10 years ago. Every decision you make along the way will eventually alter your storyline and branch into 7 different Endings.

Collect more than 170+ cards through 100+ Side Quests and Hidden Quests or Training under Coaches as you proceed along the story. Collect unique Gears with special effects, and form countless meta for PVE to defeat 200+ opponents scattered across the game's world that consists of 200+ unique maps, or to emerge triumphant in PVP with players all around the world.