B.E.S.T. Police Training Simulator (De-Escalation Trainer)

Student Entrant 2016

EAE Master Games Studio at The University of Utah
Team B.E.S.T.


B.E.S.T. (Behavior Ethics Strategy Tactics) is the world's first and only de-escalation trainer for police officers.

Between January 1 and October 26, 2015, 101 US police officers were killed in the line of duty, including 33 by gunfire. In the same period, 979 US civilians were killed by police.

While the vast majority of civilian killings by police are ultimately found to be justified, in hindsight there are a number of alternative courses of action that might have saved either the officer or civilian life, and our simulator is designed to explore these alternative courses of action in a training setting.

Team B.E.S.T. is submitting a vertical slice of what we hope will eventually be a commercial, life saving product used by all fifty states in both police academy training and continuing education. We are consulting with POST, the Peace Officer Standards and Training office of the State of Utah, to make sure the content is a good fit for peace officer training both on a state level and nationally.

The game is currently playable with or without a hybrid of the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Controller. The level you will play is in development for The Void's cutting edge immersive environment (http://www.TheVoid.com/), but will ultimately be used on location at police academies all over the US.

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