Big Huggin - An Affection Game

Entrant 2013

Critical Gameplay - Lindsay Grace


Why so serious? Big Huggin' is a platform scroller played with a custom 30 inch teddy bear as controller. Players complete the game by providing several well-timed hugs to their bear. Hug the bear to help him pass life's obstacles - no boulder is too tall, no hole too deep, no winter too cold for a hug to help. It is an experiment and gesture in alternative critical interface. Instead of firing toy guns at countless enemies or revving the engines of gas guzzling virtual cars, why not give a hug? Why not play differently?

Big Huggin' is the 9th game in the Critical Gameplay collection. Critical Gameplay is a single developer/designer collection designed to help reevaluate the way we play. They are meant to change our perspective on gameplay experiences. As Critical Cartography changes the way we perceive the world, Critical Gameplay seeks to offer alternate perspectives on the way we play. Big Huggin' has been shown in Baltimore, East Lansing, Philadelphia, Paris and others. The rest of the Critical Gameplay games have been shown in cities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Each game aims only for intellectual profit.

A feel good game, for when you need good feelings.