Black Grimoire

Student Entrant 2014

Algonquin College, School of Media and Design
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Black Grimoire is an online multi-player shooter that focuses on the
theme of witchcraft with all-female characters.

Black Grimoire plays in a 3rd person shooter perspective and its gameplay centers heavily around simply
fighting other players using spells and abilities that are specific to the player's chosen character.
Every character has a total of 6 different spells or abilities:

• 1 Primary spell designed to be used the most often. It has the lowest recharge time.
• 1 Secondary spell designed to be used as an alternative form of damage output to the primary spell.
• 3 Other spells or abilities with varied uses and functions dependent on the character's play-style.
• 1 Ultimate spell designed to be the character's most powerful ability and usually has the highest recharge time.

This alpha version features:
• 1 default game mode: Team deathmatch
• 1 demo map
• 2 playable characters:
• Serafina, The Voodoo Witch
• Vallari, The Hindu Witch