Black Paradox

Entrant 2019

Fantastico Studio / Digerati Distribution


Black Paradox is a fast paced rogue-lite shoot 'em up with an amazing pixel art and synth-wave soundtrack.
The game features both single player and local Co-op, to double the fun while hunting for bounties! Use many different weapons, upgrades and drones to succeed in your quest.

Key Features
15+ weapons with more to come in future updates!
15+ powerups with more to come in future updates!
10+ deadly drones, little helpers that pack a lot of punch! Here too, more will come in future updates!
A space bending ultimate move, the "Black Paradox", so powerful that the main character got his name from it
50+ different enemies all with its own attack patterns. More to come in future updates!
7 deadly bosses with unique attacks
A growth system to give the player more powers while upgrading his stats
Integrated control support for all kinds of controllers!
2 player local co-op
Amazing pixel art
Awesome Synth-Wave soundtrack

In the complete version of the game we'd like to have at least 50+ powerups, 30+ weapons and increase the enemies to at least 80.
Also, we're planning alternative and secret bosses and endings and we want to add at least one more playable character.