Blackwell's Asylum

Student Entrant 2013



The year is 1890. The fog lays heavy around the Blackwell Women's asylum. A scream penetrates the silence… Your scream! It's cold. A warden is holding you down; you kick him, but no use. The doctor bends down, smiling. He injects a shot in your neck. Everything goes hazy! Someone calls for the doctor… sound waves ripple before your eyes. The warden lets go of your arms and leaves. No more of this… you force yourself up, stumble towards the door… There's only one thing to do; get out!

Stone cold fear washes over you on this nerve-racking escape from the Blackwell's Island Women's asylum. Your heart pounds feverishly from the sedatives forced upon you, your sight fails from exhaustion. As a young woman under narcotic effects, there's no other options but hiding and sneaking past the wardens patrolling this daunting place. Have you got the nerve to live through this humane horror?