Buddha Finger

Entrant 2013

Lady Shotgun


Awesome casual fun action game - if you can count to 10, you'll love playing this game! Partially beat 'em up, partially the spirit of Ouendan, challenges your reflexes as you use an ancient kung-fu pressure point attack to tap, touch, swipe and spin your way to victory against hordes of henchmen and bosses. Shifu, master of ancient martial art technique Buddha Finger, contacts you and reveals you were separated at birth from your twin brother Logan, an Interpol agent tracking down shadowy nemesis "The Man", before teaching you his secret style and packing you off for a thrill filled Hong Kong adventure. 61 levels of action packed fun; a great narrative holding it all together; extremely funky soundtrack; a deep , analogue scoring system with multipliers and super timed bonuses; Shaolin Style! smart bomb for emergency moments; unique visual style with full screen enemies and super responsive touch interface - has been described in previews as "fiendishly addictive" and we're proud of it!