Entrant 2014

Anvil Drop


If you ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped inside a Rubik's cube, having to solve it from the inside out, then you'll want to play C3. A 3D spatial puzzle platformer the likes of which Escher himself would find head-scratching.

The core concept of C3 is to put players in a totally unique environment that behaves in a wholly unique way. The goal was for a player to walk into a room, observe its current state, then twist and alter the room to change it into the state needed to progress. The idea was to combine the stimulation and fiero of solving a puzzle with the excitement and awe of moving a massive object, the room in which you're standing. This was accomplished in two ways. The first is through unique, but very intuitive, mechanics. The player interacts with the world in familiar ways, but the results of these actions are fantastic and grand. The second is through the world itself. The alien and abstract environments are striking both in motion and while still, and help to give context to the radical mechanics. Our vision is to give players a world that they can pick up and play with, not just play in.